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Geographic Communities – ASQ is Everywhere

No matter where you are, ASQ is there. Geographic communities provide the convenience of physical and virtual networking and professional development based on your location.


There are more than 230 member-led local ASQ sections and subsections in North America. Exclusive benefits for members may include:

  • Regular Meetings
  • Newsletters or other communication
  • Professional development, such as courses, seminars, conferences, and certification exam preparation programs
  • Leadership development through elected and appointed positions

Country Counselors

Country counselors are member leaders found in more than 40 countries. They serve as an ASQ point of contact for members in their country, facilitating networking opportunities, acting as a liaison to ASQ, and supporting the formation of local member communities (LMCs) in their countries.

Local Member Communities (LMCs)

LMCs are member communities founds outside of the US/Canada. Being part of a member community near you will connect you with other quality professionals in your geographic area. LMC members make new contacts, network, and build knowledge through participation in local activities and events. Participation in these activities and in LMC leadership provides recertification units.

Student Branches

ASQ student members can get involved on campus by leading or participating in student branch activities.

  • Create a network of quality professionals to get a head start on your career.
  • Develop leadership skills by working with local section members and faculty or staff at the host institution.

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