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How We've Used Your Feedback

Thanks for your comments.

We take them to heart. Here are some of the recent improvements we've made based on your feedback.

Tell us what you think. What other improvements can we make?

  • We've greatly expanded Web-based services for ASQ members, including specialized welcome modules. We are working on augmenting these eWelcome modules to include more information for specific subsegments of both member and non-member visitors.

  • We’ve created a new, universal log-in page to both simplify registration as well as allow easy log-in with either member number or e-mail address and password.

  • We've added a “new to quality” section, making information available to those just beginning their quality journeys.

  • We've added blogs to give you more access to subject-matter experts on these vital topics.

  • We added a full PDF of each journal and magazine so members don’t need to download each article individually.

  • We’ve added shipping method instructions to online ordering.

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