2012 News Releases

12/27/2012 Managing customer expectations is biggest barrier to great service, ASQ data says
12/20/2012 Suppliers confident, manufacturers concerned about supply chain after being burned in the past: ASQ Survey
12/10/2012 ASQ Webinar: Integrating Quality Scorecards with OPPE
12/06/2012 Quality professionals’ salaries flat for first time in more than 25 years, ASQ Salary Survey says
11/13/2012 Change management expert, "Toyota Way" author to headline ASQ’s 2013 Lean and Six Sigma Conference
11/06/2012 ASQ Global State of Quality Research to identify corporate progress and challenges in the 21st Century
10/19/2012 ASQ names editors for Quality Management Journal, Six Sigma Forum Magazine
10/04/2012 China-America Conference on Quality to focus on supplier selection, communicating expectations, more
09/26/2012 ASQ Education Team Excellence Award Finalists Announced
09/20/2012 ASQ Webinar Series: Critical Healthcare Quality Topics
09/04/2012 ASQ awards Freund Scholarship to Engineering and Project Management Student
08/28/2012 City of Milwaukee joins ASQ, continues commitment to culture of quality
08/17/2012 ASQ Service Quality Conference: Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience
08/14/2012 Social responsibility, quality program integration results in success, according to report from ASQ and IBM
07/30/2012 ASQ’s Pathways to Social Responsibility report showcases successes
07/09/2012 National Quality in Education Conference: Systems Thinking Helps Prepare Students for College and Careers
06/21/2012 Kimberly-Clark Joins ASQ as Enterprise Members
06/14/2012 ASQ Issues 6,500 Certifications in Program for Traning Next Generation of Skilled Workers
05/24/2012 California InterContinental University Student Awarded ASQ Healthcare Division Scholarship
05/23/2012 ASQ recognizes companies for creative and innovative solutions
03/05/2012 ASQ, Dubai Quality Group to share information to benefit groups’ members
02/29/2012 ASQ Announces 2012 International Team Excellence Award Finalists
02/17/2012 ASQ and The Manufacturing Institute Partner to Train Next Generation of Skilled Workers
02/16/2012 ASQ to Recognize Achievements in Quality
02/14/2012 Despite challenges, engineers satisfied with career choice, ASQ survey says
02/06/2012 Fred Zhang Named General Manager of ASQ China
02/03/2012 ASQ Webinar: ISO 28000 — Security of Global Supply Chain
01/31/2012 U.S. Youth Reluctant to Pursue STEM Careers, ASQ Survey Says
01/24/2012 Meaningful Measurements is Focus of ASQ Healthcare Conference
01/19/2012 Boeing, Coca-Cola Executives Among Keynote Speakers at ASQ’s World Conference
01/12/2012 ASQ Receives Mastery Level Recognition From Wisconsin Forward Award
01/05/2012 ASQ Grants Fellow Status to 22 Members

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