Leveling Up

Abstract:The Capability Maturity Model describes the levels through which an organization may progress in its quest for quality. The framework has evolved from a map toward enterprise maturity to a diagnostic tool for action planning. For successful change toward quality, the organization requires effective business processes and a supportive business environment. The five stages progress through having simple, ad hoc processes to documentation and deliberate process design, and moving on to integrating processes for overall value with a cross functional and process perspective. This requires willingness to change, recognition of capabilities, and appropriate resources and metrics. Specific quality tools, from simple through advanced, are recommended at certain levels as an organization progresses through the …

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Well thought out & equally well written article delineating organizations' requirements to cross the chasm moving up the 5-level maturity, specially at L3 & L4 which is very daunting; needs breakthrough cultural change.
--B.N.N.Prasad, 06-17-2017

if the initilal requirements are incomplete, inaccurate, incorrect; missing; or even false;
in organisations; what would be the meaning of the "competing requirement"s
to assess / to complete / evaluate /to judge.

Aylin N. M.
--Aylin N. M., 01-10-2017

Great article. Implementing Quality in an organisation in stages is very well explained. Thanks Grace!
--B NN Prasad, 10-03-2016

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