Universal Robots and Nissan Motor Co. Collaborate for Cobots

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April 13, 2017

Universal Robots has announced that Nissan Motor Company has successfully deployed Universal Robots UR10 robot arms at its Yokohama factory; joining other global automotive manufacturers including BMW and Volkswagen who are using Universal Robots collaborative robots (cobots) to automate their processes. Through the deployment of Universal Robots cobots, Nissan has enhanced its production processes, resulting in a higher level of output and stability as well as time and cost efficiencies.

Shermine Gotfredsen, General Manager, SEA and Oceania, said, We are excited to be working with Nissan in their automation journey. The global automotive industry plays a key role in driving the adoption of collaborative robots (cobots) to produce better manufacturing output, and this is critical for industry players to stay competitive.

Cobots are an offshoot of traditional industrial robots. They are lightweight and mobile in terms of deployment, and are flexible enough to be modified for different applications. The automotive industry uses cobots in a wide variety of processes, including handling, assembling, packaging, palletizing, labelling, painting, quality control and machine tending. Philippines automotive industry is moving towards automation using collaborative industrial robots to ensure cost-effective increases in manufacturing.

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