Budweiser Responds to News of Underground Counterfeit Operation in China

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People’s Daily Online

June 1, 2017

American beer brand Budweiser suffered a potential blow to the confidence and loyalty of its customers after a counterfeit Budweiser beer factory was discovered in China. The counterfeit operation threatens not only the company’s public image but also the health of its customers, as a video clip revealed dozens of Budweiser lookalike cans being filled in a dark, filthy underground factory.

The video clip began to go viral over the weekend. A female worker in the video can be seen throwing empty Budweiser cans into a sink, where two other workers appear to be filling the cans with a dark-colored liquid that looks like beer. All were working with bare hands, clad in ordinary T-shirt and jeans.

The video then showed an assembly line where the cans were sealed, apparently in preparation for sale.

The clip immediately sent shockwaves through the Chinese beer market, as Budweiser is a very popular brand in China.

On May 29, Budweiser’s sales company in China issued a statement on Sina Weibo, saying that the company has reported the underground factory to police and reserves the right to pursue legal action, Hunan Economic Television reported.

The company emphasized that Budweiser has always prioritized product quality and consumer safety with a strict quality inspection system. The statement also noted that Budweiser has never sought a third-party partner for manufacturing or packaging.

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