Volkswagen Announces Major Recall to Update Brakes

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July 7, 2017

Volkswagen Group is recalling 766,000 cars worldwide due to a problem with the braking control systems.

The German automaker issued the recall for vehicles of its core passenger car brands after detecting a problem with the anti-brake lock systems that may result in the systems not working properly in some driving conditions.

These conditions could include when the driver under-steers, over-steers, or slams on the brakes. The affected cars include Volkswagen-brand vehicles, as well as Audis and Skodas.

DPA was the first news agency to report late last week that Volkswagen had recalled about 385,000 cars in Germany alone due to braking problems. In Switzerland, the automaker is reported to have recalled 22,000 cars.

Volkswagen will update the braking control system software of the recalled vehicles.

Earlier this year, Volkswagen agreed to pay $4.3 billion in criminal and civil fines stemming from the company’s scheme to sell diesel vehicles containing software designed to cheat U.S. emissions tests.

Emerging out of the diesel emission crisis, Volkswagen in May announced a surge in its first-quarter pre-tax profit and also higher revenue.

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