Apple Aims to Put iPads in the Hands of Every Patient

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July 19, 2017

Apple is gearing on its project to launch iPads for hospitals, which will play a vital role in its enterprise health efforts. For Apple, the $3 trillion health care sector offers a lot of potential for growth for its iPad. iPhones and iPads have been used by some hospitals for more than five years, but it’s only recently that the company went public about its interest in the health care.

The new technology will transform the way doctors and nurses work with their patients. Apps on iOS devices allow hospitals to work more efficiently. It helps the clinicians access health records and data right when they need them, and nurses can ensure better patient safety while administering medication. It also helps patients stay informed and engaged in their own care by communicating with their medical teams during hospital stays.

Apple devices and iOS apps together allow patients to learn more about their conditions or treatment, doctors to view lab results and radiology images, and nurses to send and receive secure communication or to help ensure patient safety when administering medications.

Many U.S. hospitals, including Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, had a pilot program wherein iPads were given to patients to access their vitals, care team, and other educational videos/tours. This hospital has its EHR software, called My CS-Link, which allows patients to look up their information online, including notes from their doctor. Without the iPad, doctors and nurses have to follow a paper method and need to write duplicate information on a white board in the patient’s room. With this manual method, mistakes can happen anytime leading to confusion. It would also be comforting for patients to see “what’s going on.”

“Leading hospitals and health systems are using Apple products to transform all aspects of health care inside the hospital and beyond,” says an Apple spokesperson.

Rival phone makers Samsung and Alphabet also see huge potential to bring mobile technologies to patients and clinicians. The technology will make healthcare more personal. Apple products and apps help healthcare providers streamline their work, deliver better care, and conduct medical research.

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