Amazon Forms a Secret Team to Work on Healthcare Technology

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August 1, 2017

More or less like Apple, Amazon is being said to have a secret healthcare team working on electronic medical records and telemedicine. The team is said to be named 1492: the year when Columbus landed in the Americas.

Amazon is reportedly working both on hardware and software projects related to the healthcare sector. Currently, the secret team is said to be working on pulling and pushing the data from conventional electronic medical records system. Naturally, the goal will be to make the information available to the patients and their doctors. Dealing with healthcare data is a serious job and as flawlessly as Apple has been doing this, it might become a tough task for Amazon to incorporate the highest level of security in whatever software or hardware they are working on.

The team is also said to be working on a platform for telemedicine. This would allow patients and doctors to have one-to-one virtual consultations based on the data shared between the two entities. The 1492 team is also exploring ways to incorporate health applications in Amazon Echo and Amazon Dash through Alexa Skills.

When taken a deeper look, some of the employees on the 1492 team were found on LinkedIn. The positions are for two machine learning experts, a UX designer, and two strategic intuitive leads. There’s also one job listing for Machine Learning Director with experience in healthcare technology infrastructure.

The company is attempting to better coordinate these efforts through a series of meetings with senior leaders across these groups that kicked off this year, according to one of the people.

Amazon has been famous and in some other ways infamous for trying to dominate the market for any mainstream technology possible. While Apple has a strong ecosystem in the healthcare department with Apple Watch and Health App on iOS, Amazon is strong with the customer ecosystem and their personal information.

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