Faulty Update Leaves Samsung Smart TVs Unusable for Over a Week

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August 28, 2017

Owners of Samsung Smart TVs have had their devices completely bricked by a shonky firmware update pushed out by the TV maker.

Many of the affected TVs are recent, top-of-the-range models, costing more than £1,000 and their users are, understandably, annoyed.

A report in today’s Guardian talks of two-week-old, £1,400 televisions left completely unusable for over a week now, despite Samsung saying it is working on another update to unbrick them.

Inevitably, the more you have to cram into a TV’s firmware, the more likely there is to be bugs. When all they had to worry about was four channels and Ceefax, it was a different story—indeed, the device had to be right the moment it emerged from the factory because “over the air” updates simply weren’t possible.

Users of the Samsung message boards have been naming and shaming retailers refusing to take back televisions under six months old, which should be returnable as faulty.

One user said: “After 10 minutes on hold and giving my job reference number I had to go through the whole ‘have you tried switching it off and back on again?’ fiasco.

“An engineer will ring me in the next 48 hours and arrange to come in the next seven days... I still am skeptical this will actually happen. If I had the choice I would rather have exchanged for another brand.”

This customer later confirmed that as far as they could tell, the engineers had no clearer idea of what had happened than the punters themselves.

Customers point out that Samsung has made no effort to proactively contact affected customers and, as such, the onus has been on customers who have already spent £1,000 or more to spend time in call center queues and waiting in for engineers.

At time of writing there has been no official statement from Samsung on the issue, which recently launched the Note 8, but we are chasing.

Samsung is far from the only TV manufacturer to be tripped up by bad firmware.

Owners of Sony’s hybrid Android TV and YouView devices are still battling against 100+ pages of bug reports from their own community pages, with issues ranging from connectivity, to random crashing apps, to unexpected reboots.

Original headline: Samsung TV’s completely bricked by shonky firmware update

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