Equifax Says 2.5 Million More U.S. Consumers, 8,000 Canadians May Have Been Affected by Hack

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October 3, 2017

Equifax said the cybersecurity firm Mandiant has completed the forensic portion of its investigation of the company’s cybersecurity incident.

It determined that approximately 2.5 million additional U.S. consumers were potentially impacted, for a total of 145.5 million. Mandiant did not identify any evidence of additional or new attacker activity or any access to new databases or tables. Instead, this additional population of consumers was confirmed during Mandiant’s completion of the remaining investigative tasks and quality assurance procedures built into the investigative process.

The completed review also has concluded that there is no evidence the attackers accessed databases located outside of the United States.

It determined personal information of approximately 8,000 Canadian consumers was impacted. In addition, it also was determined some of the consumers with affected credit cards announced in the company’s initial statement are Canadian.

Equifax said it is continuing discussions with regulators in the United Kingdom regarding the scope of the company’s consumer notifications as the analysis of the completed forensic investigation is completed.

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