Equifax Takes Down Customer Service Page After Reports of New Hack

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October 16, 2017

Equifax said it has temporarily taken down one of its web pages amid reports that another part of its website had been hacked.

The news comes as Equifax Inc. continues to deal with the aftermath of a cyber breach earlier this year, which allowed the personal information of 145.5 million Americans and 8,000 Canadians to be accessed or stolen.

Hackers reportedly altered Equifax’s credit report assistance page so that it would send users malicious software disguised as Adobe Flash.

Equifax Canada spokesperson Tom Carroll said the company is aware of the situation identified on its U.S. parent company’s website related to its “credit report assistance” link.

He said that, out of an abundance of caution, Equifax has taken the affected page off-line and is looking into the matter.

The company said it will provide more information as it becomes available.

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