Tech Companies Are Relying on Data to Change the Customer Behavior

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October 31, 2017

Data collected by tech products is not only giving birth to the innovation but also changing customer behavior. Digital companies are using the data to innovate user experience, which leads to the significant change in customer behavior.

Top tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook collect customer data to enhance the product experience. Healthcare companies are using the data to make business-critical pivots. R. Sukumar, the CEO of Optimal Stategix Group, believes that the real business lies in understanding what human beings want. The amount of data collected by tech companies today is helping in customer behavioral changes.

Across the globe, tech companies are focusing on historical data and data analytics. Behavioral changes can be identified to personalize and improve customer experiences. Most of the recent marketing campaigns of tech products are driven by the historical data collected from customers.

Tech companies working on AI and connected devices heavily rely on the data to innovate the customer experience. In a lecture at Bennet University, R. Sukumar said, “Across the globe, we must focus not only on data analytics of historical data but also leverage ways by which behavior changing nudges can be identified to personalize and improve customer experiences.”

Personalized marketing has more conversion rate as compared to the traditional blitz marketing techniques. The marketers today need to understand how to make money by investing in right customers and leveraging big data to drive campaigns. The priority for tech companies lies in improving the customer experience for the limited target group than increasing the number of customers for the product.

Smart e-commerce companies are investing in supply chain technologies on the basis of their sales pattern. The delivery experience of the e-commerce platform ultimately changes the customer behavior. Companies are creating more job opportunities for professionals with data analysis background.

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