Statistics Spotlight


Statistics Roundtable: Back to the Future

by Snee, Ron; Kamm, Jason

Now more than ever, we need to use the kind of critical thinking and deeper process knowledge that predates the explosion of technology and software. By identifying and applying key aspects of the data mining process and then using them in novel...

Statistics Roundtable: When Should You Consider a Split-Plot Design?

by Anderson-Cooke, Christine M.

Split-plot designs are an important, practical class of designs. When strategically chosen, split-plot designs can boost the amount of information a practitioner can extract from a designed experiment....

Statistics Roundtable: Detecting Dependent Observations in Multivariate Statistical Process Control

by Mason, Robert L., Young, John C.

Since we must consider many variables at the same time when monitoring a multivariate process, detection of data dependencies between and among the observation vectors is not straightforward. The test procedures that exist for checking for the...

Statistics Roundtable: It's Not Always What You Say, But How You Say It

by Hare, Lynne

The Youden plot has proven extremely useful in the analysis and interpretation of data generated by interlaboratory studies. It’s always easy to understand and motivates others to take action if...

Statistics Roundtable: Likert Scales and Data Analyses

by Allen, I. Elaine; Seaman, Christopher

Surveys are consistently used to measure quality. For example, surveys might be used to gauge customer perception of product quality or quality performance in service delivery....

Statistics Roundtable: Reliability Assessment by Use-Rate Acceleration

by Necip Doganaksoy, Gerald J. Hahn, William Q. Meeker

Statistical evidence is often needed to show that a proposed product meets or exceeds its reliability goals. Many times, such evidence must be obtained in a compressed time period....

Statistics Roundtable: Turning Shewhart?s Challenge Into Opportunity

by Snee, Ronald

Statisticians must step forward and lead management to become more statistically minded.

Nearly 70 years ago, quality pioneer Walter Shewhart threw down the gauntlet: "The long-range contribution of statistics depends not so much on getting a lot of highly trained statisticians into industry as it does...

Statistics Roundtable: Dependent Univariate Observations and Statistical Control

by Mason, Robert L.; Young, John C.

Have you ever wondered why your process control procedure doesn't work just right? It might be that the underlying assumptions are not completely valid....

Statistics Roundtable: Design of Experiments: A Single Experiment or Sequential Learning

by Anderson-Cook, Christine

Sequential experimentation lends itself to more efficient and precise answers....

Statistics Roundtable: Superiority, Equivalence and Non-inferiority

by Allen, I. Elaine; Seaman, Christopher A.

Most statistical tests are performed to show whether two measurements, processes, products or treatments are significantly different from each other and whether we can reject the null hypothesis....

Statistics Roundtable: The Ubiquitous Cpk

by Hare, Lynne B.

A colleague and I were discussing his long-term role at his company. He explained he was in charge of maintaining the computer banks of key process indicators KPIs), Cp, Cpk and so on....

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