Statistics Spotlight


Statistics Spotlight: Practical vs. Statistical Priorities

by Anderson-Cook, Christine M.; Lu, Lu

Randomization during data collection in a designed experiment is an effective strategy for reducing system bias and ensuring independent observations, but at what cost should it be fully implemented?...

Statistics Spotlight: The Complete Picture

by Seaman, Christopher A.; Allen, I. Elaine; Seaman, Julia E.

The net promoter score (NPS) was proposed by Frederick Reichheld in 2003 as “the one number you need to grow.” It is now ubiquitous in marketing and for reporting organization growth....

Statistics Spotlight: The Music of the Spheres

by Hare, Lynne B.

During the sixth century B.C., it is said, Pythagoras heard varying rings of a blacksmith’s hammers and began to question the causes of differences among their pitches. The differences seemed to be explained by differing hammer weights....

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