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Career Coach: The Window and the Mirror

by Harkins, Ray

When less experienced leaders follow this same window/mirror model, they build credibility with their subordinates, colleagues and those higher up the organizational ladder....

Expert Answers: April 2019

by Wrestler, Denise

Subject matter experts take on your quality-related queries....

Standard Issues: It's All in the Approach

by Reid, R. Dan

QMS auditing cannot be performed effectively by the quality department alone. Top management must provide people from other departments, such as engineering, purchasing and manufacturing, to be internal and supplier auditors....

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Try This Today: Lifelong Learners

by Erukulapati, Kishore

This professional model also can help organizations create a learning environment, help educational institutions prepare professionals for the 21st century, and help professional associations assist professionals, organizations and communities....

Breaking the Mold

by Pyzdek, Thomas

I have seen many instances in which the ideas and methods of quality and process improvement were used to prevent problems in the workplace. I also realized the tools used by quality professionals could be more widely applied....

A Positive Approach

by Carder, Brooks

While behaviorism has been largely abandoned in psychology, it continues to be the basis of much of the strategy in business. Individuals and groups are viewed as machines that can be adjusted simply by changing the contingencies....

Expert Answers: March 2019

by Laman, Scott

Subject matter experts take on your quality-related queries....

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Career Coach: Broken Promises

by Lindborg, Henry J.

General Motors angered stakeholders when it announced its plan to improve profits, cut costs and discontinue models such as the Chevrolet Volt and Impala, stopping production at five U.S. and Canadian plants, and reducing its salaried workforce by 15%....

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Back to Basics: Starfish and Turtles

by Bautista Smith, Janet

A lean quality program that has features such as self-check, sustainability and feedback at minimum operating cost is an ideal initiative....

The Ascent of Quality 4.0

by Watson, Gregory H.

In recent years, the phrase “Quality 4.0” has come into our vocabulary. It derives from the German industrialization program called Industry 4.0 and evaluates the role of quality in an age of increasing digitization and automation of work....

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