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Try This Today: A Winning Combination

by Rajasekaran, Varun

To achieve operational excellence, organizations and project teams use different quality control tools, such as the five whys and fishbone diagrams, and frameworks, such as ISO 9001 and Six Sigma....

Natural Inclination

by Laman, Scott A.

We live in a time in which different generations and a wide range of ages work together. This causes common perceptions between the generations, such as older people are set in their ways, don’t want to change and don’t understand technology....

Standard Issues: Keeping Current

by Aston, Bill

As soon as an organization becomes the least bit familiar with a management system, changes are made to meet newly identified customer requirements or to comply with recently issued editions or revisions to the standard or specification....

Expert Answers: June 2018

by Devos, Denis J.

What are the differences between audits and inspections?...

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Career Coach: Analyzing the Future

by Harkins, Ray

For this column, I had the privilege of talking to Richard Lamb1 about the emerging role of analytics in process quality, and his advice for professionals looking to broaden or advance their careers....

Mapping the Way

by Custer, Lisa

The customer journey map is a graphical representation of the interactions between a customer and a process or product over its lifespan. It’s an aspirational guide that depicts where an organization wants to be in one, three or five years....

Expert Answers: May 2018

by Carpenter, Bernie; Mehta, Pradip V.

Subject matter experts take on your quality-related queries....

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My Quality Story: The A’s Have It

by Williams, Lori

Personal stories from quality professionals....

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Back to Basics: The Language of Business

by Harkins, Ray

Harvard Business Review published a landmark article by Dr. Armand Feigenbaum titled “Total Quality Control.” Feigenbaum contributed broadly to the field of management science throughout his career and even served as president of ASQ in the early 1960s....

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