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Geared Toward Innovation

by Bisgaard, Soren

The role of innovation is being vigorously debated among quality professionals and in society at large. It is therefore appropriate that innovation has been elevated to one of the most important strategic issues for the quality profession....

Innovation Imperative: Essential and Effective

by Merrill, Peter

Last year, I wrote in some detail about what we have learned about leading teams, including why teams can be so valuable....

Innovation Imperative: Change in a VUCA World

by Merrill, Peter

Change is inevitable in today’s world of VUCA. This change is driven by the rapid increase in knowledge, which is, of course, the fuel of innovation. Rapid advances in technology facilitates a rapid increase in knowledge....

Make the Connection

by Gupta, Varun

Quality is the ability of a product to meet customer requirements and expectations. Thus, maintaining quality control plays a critical role in supply chains (SC) as a product evolves from raw materials to finished goods....

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